Thursday, June 18, 2009

trip to"Lake Compounce"

Angel Gonzalez

For our 7th grade trip we went to Lake Compounce. The location of the trip was in Connecticut. I think that we left at 8:45 or at 9:00. It took 20 to 30 minutes for every one could get on the bus. While i was in the bus waiting for the bus to leave i was listening to music. The trip to the theme park was awesome. What i was doing on the way to the theme park i was watching a movie on my psp, and when the movie was done i started to listen to music. The bus ride was was like 2 hour's. I felt exited to go on the trip to lake compounce because it was my first time going to this theme park.

Once we got to the theme park i started to stretch and directly went to the bathroom. The first ride i went on when i got to the park was a roller coaster called the wild cat. Then we went to wipe out, then to the saw mil, and then we went to the best roller coaster called the zoomerang. The zoomerang to me is the best because it twists and because it goes backwards. Then after that we went to eat. After we ate we went to "THE PIRATE", then we went to the ghost house, then bumping cars, then the last ride we went on was wipe our again

After that ride we left and went back to the school at at 3:45 i think

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Angel Gonzalez

How does poverty affect the characters in Angela's Ashes? it effects them because they are in poverty like poor and are dying from hunger.

Why does the little babies keep getting sick? because they dont have alot of food to eat and because they are dying from infections.

If you were the mother or father how would you do things differently to give your family a better life? I would find a good job that pays alot and give them a roof.

What did the mother do wrong in the story? she kept getting pregnant when the family were at its worst times.
What did the father do wrong? he kept drinking and drinking, and he drank on Eugine's coffin.

Why do you think this family lives under these conditions? i think cause the parents keep getting rejected every time they try to get a job.

What can help this family? If the mother dose not get pregnant again and if the father gets a well payed job.

Do you know families who live in poverty like this anywhere? no

Is the poverty in Ireland worse than in America? Why or Why not? yes because in america we got alot of things like stores and technology, and in ireland their is no such thing as that.

How is the poverty in America different from the Poverty shown in Angela's Ashes? The poverty in america they give poor people food and a roof. And the poverty in ireland is the opposite of that.

What advice would you give to this family? to a well payed job and the mother to get less pregnant

angela's ashes

angel gonzalez

Describe the home life of the main character:
How does his house look? his house looks scratched up and rusty and poor.
What kind of clothes does he wear? he were's dirty and riped up cloth's
How many siblings does he have? he used to have 5 and the baby died and then the 2 twins died.

How old is the main character at the start of the movie? i think that the main character is about to be 6 years old.

How many siblings does he have?
he used to have 5 and the baby died and then the 2 twins died.

What happens when the father tries to get a job? they reject him.

What awoke the kids in the middle of the night? what woke them up is that the bed had flee's.

What happens to both of the twin boys? They died.

What does the father do to Eugene's coffin that upsets the main character? He drinks on Eugene's coffin with a friend.

Where does the family get their furniture from? the find their furniture from the streets.
Are their beds new or used? used

Based on the movie, who do poor people turn to for help when they are going through rough times? government and social workers

What kind of problems do people who live in poverty have to deal with? List some that you saw in the movie. sickness, suffer through hunger, and do not protect them self's against sex.

The main character's father is an alcoholic, what type of conflict is this? Why? (Person Vs. Self, Person Vs. Person, or Person Vs. Society). person vs. self because he is harming himself.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I-movie for ms. bentley

Angel Gonzalez

What i liked about using i- movie is that you could create your own movie. Working with my alhaji, josue, and isaias was fun cause alhaji made mostly all of us laugh in the group. The worst thing about working in the movie was not having everyone agree with you or disagree with you. But still it was fun.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The last and final blog for career day

Angel Gonzalez

What i enjoyed about career day is that different people came in and told us about their career right now.

Next year i would like to see at least a fire fighter, police man, some one who its famous that is a basketball player or a baseball player.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Career day for ms. sa

Angel Gonzalez

My favorite presenter from career day was a social worker called Alba Mota. What she dose is that she helps people in need that are in poor countries like Haiti. Like their is a border between the 2 countries like from Haiti and the Dominican Republic she helps poor people that are in need. She gives people that are in need some tooth paste, soap, and other sort of gives.

Alba Mota told us that she is from the Dominican Republic.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



It was fun using imovie. I had alot of fun doing the imovie project with my friends and letting other people in it. When i showed the video in class yesterday, some of them liked it and some of them did not. The feed back that they gave me was to make the video longer and put more information of the video. I need to put more video's in it make people talk more and make it better than it was before.

The other videos that i saw in class were good because the people who made it explained more what it was about. I dont think that my video is not the best "YET" i think that it was between good and bad. I liked marijo's group video because they explained who was their character which was "James King" and because it was kind of funny. That it is very fun and has very cool effects. if someone ever see's my video, i think not that they will not understand the character osvaldo cruz much because we did not explain that much about him

We have several weeks left to finish our video and i got plenty more cool things to show the viewer's "IT'S A SURPRISE"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

monster blog #3...Angel Gonzalez

Angel Gonzalez

monster blog #3

I think that Steve Harmon is innocent because i kind of believe that story that he went to the store and get some mints and since he know james king, james king and bobo said that since he knows steve Harmond then they will blame it on him.  I think that the robbery occured that once steve got out the drug store with his mints and then they took that as a sign that the store is clear then they went in robbed it and killed the man and got out to get some fried chicken.  I think that bobo dose not know steve because when they were in court he said to the lawer that man that was sitting over their then he pointed at steve, instead of calling out his name.  I think that Steve Harmon is friends with Osvaldo and James King because maybe he dose not have more friends on his community than them.

Friends can influence you to do some that you dont want to do by putting peer presure on you.  I think that steve was not influence by his friends because his friends took advantage over him only because they know him.  I have never been in a situation like in the one steve harmon is in right know.  It is very important to choose your friends wisely because if you pick bad friends then they will put peer presure on you to do something that you dont want to do.  I think that miss obrien is disapointed to see that a boy like steve will hang out with people like osvaldo, bobo, and james king.

 I think that steve is being negetevely influenced buy his friends but i still thing that he is innocent.  On my chart steve has nothing in common with his friends.  Steve dose not want to be like James King.

Monday, April 27, 2009

4/27/ Bentleys class


Look at today's Do Now, do you feel racism still exists? In what ways does racism exists? Have you ever experienced racism? In what ways have you experienced racism? Does Steve Harmon experience Racism? i still think that rasicim exist because when black and hispanic walk by white people they whisper to themselves. I have never experienced racism in my life. Steve harmon has experienced racism cause in court they are saying cause he is guilty because he is black. And O'BRIEN said that he is young and black and he is on trial.

Do you think there is racism in our country's court system? Can a minority get a fair trial? Why or why not? Do you think Steve Harmon will get a fair trial? Why? Why Not? How do you think O'Brien feels about the Jury they selected for Steve's trail? I think that my countries court system their is racism. I think that steve would not get a fair trial only because he is black and young. I think that O"BRIEN feels bad because they are doing this because he is young and black.

Why do you feel some people think that our country's court systems are racist? Why do you feel there are more black men in jail than college? i think that our countries court system us rasist because
71 judges are black, 19 are hispanic, and 3 are asian american and the rest are white out of 1,129 judges.

Friday, April 24, 2009

How name calling can effect people?...Ms. Bentley

Angel Gonzalez


Name calling can effect people people because it might cause them to do some stupid. Like an article that my teacher ms. Bentley showed me in class about a kid that hanged himself because they were calling him gay at school. His name was Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover and he went to a school in Springfield. The schools name was Leadership Charter School. Its weired how people can do such stupid things over name calling.

Name calling can also effect people because it can change them. Like the class novel that we are reading right now is called "MONSTER". In the book they call the kid that is 16 years old named Steve Harmon "MONSTER". They called him monster because he killed an owner of a grocery store and took the money and some cigars and know he is in jail. We don't know yet if he would win the trial or not.

I hope people learned a lesson of what i said. Before you call someone a name think how you would hurt them and what you would make them do. For me ill do that if they really really get me mad and if i am not in the mood, but i have learned a lesson.

Monday, April 6, 2009

poetry game

Angel Gonzalez

poetry game

The game I enjoyed the most today was rags to riches. In order to play the game I had to answer all the questions and get to a million. My Score was 1,000,000. I liked this game because you had to get to a millon like the game math millonare but instead it was poetry instead of math. To play this game go to this link From Rags to Riches.

The game that I enjoyed secondly the most today was baseball poetry. In order to play the game I had to answer the write question and hit the ball. My Score was 7 home runs. I liked this game because my favorite sport is baseball and because its fun. To play this game go to this link Baseball Poetry!

The game I enjoyed the least today was basketball poetry. In order to play the game I had to you had to answer the right question then shot the ball and make it in. My Score was 21 cause they were counting by 3's. I least liked this game because its just like the other games baseball and soccer. To play this game go to this link Basketball Poetry!

Thursday, April 2, 2009




A HYPERBOLE is a type of figurative language. It is often confused with a simile or a metaphor because it often compares two objects. The difference is a hyperbole is an EXAGGERATING.


His feet were as big as a boat- IT SOUNDS LIKE A SIMILE BUT ITS NOT

I was hopping mad




Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what i learned to day...4/1/2009









Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my favorite poetry game

Angel Gonzalez

When you are done with your games paste the following sentences in a new blog entry and fill in the blanks:
1st paragraph-
The game that I enjoyed the most was called
Wizard Poetry. In this game I studied the following skills RHYME, RHYTHYM, AND ALLITERATION. In order to win this game I had to go around solving monsters poetry and turning them to pigs and getting their key. The thing I enjoyed most about this game was walking around solving poetry. My partner was Alhaji. (ALHAJI WON HE IS VERY SKILLED IN THIS GAME). To play this game go to this linkWizard Poetry.

2nd paragraph-
The game that I enjoyed the 2nd most was called Pirate Spelling . In this game I studied the following skills spelling. In order to win this game I had to complete the word that the girl said. The thing I enjoyed most about this game was playing it with my partner. My partner was ALHAJI. (ALHAJI won again i dont know but as i said in the first paragraph he is skilled in these types of games its like he knows wats going to happen nest). To play this game go to this linkPirate Spelling .

The game that I least enjoyed was called Alien Punctuation. In this game I studied the following skills ryming. In order to win this game I had to click on the word that rhyme with the other word like CUT HUT. The thing I least enjoyed about this game was _rhyming_________. My partner was ALHAJI again. (This time i won, he cheated to win but it dont matter i won). To play this game go to this link click on the word that rhyme with the other word like CUT HUT.

Monday, March 30, 2009

figuertive language

Angel Gonzalez

The first paragraph should begin as :
The figurative language game that I enjoyed the most was _
sink the opponents battleship. I enjoyed it because In order to win I had to sink you opponents ship by answering questions right My score was 5 cause i beat my apponent 5 times I played against. . . . In order to play this game you have to go to this link [sink the opponents battleship]

The second paragraph should begin as:
Another figurative language game that I played was
figurative language game. I felt that this game was cool to play In order to win I had to answer the question right if it is anomanopia, alliteration, similey, metaphore, or personification...... My Score was 1oo%. My partner's score was 100% too. In order to play this game you have to go to this link [figurative language game].

The final paragraph should begin as:
The figurative language game that I liked the least was _________________. I felt that this game was ____________.
In order to win this game I had to ______________. My score was _______________. My partner's score was ______________________. In order to win this game I had to _______________. If you would like to play this game go to ______(Insert Link_). You may also discuss the other game you played.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

nature poem poem

Angel Gonzalez

The wind blows and the and the grass moves
a brown deer with a white stomach and horns passes throught that beautiful meddow
the clear lake water rushes down the stream with massive speed
the birds fly around saying
thats nature

HaPpY St. PaTrIcS dAy