Tuesday, June 2, 2009

angela's ashes...blog...6/2/2009

Angel Gonzalez

How does poverty affect the characters in Angela's Ashes? it effects them because they are in poverty like poor and are dying from hunger.

Why does the little babies keep getting sick? because they dont have alot of food to eat and because they are dying from infections.

If you were the mother or father how would you do things differently to give your family a better life? I would find a good job that pays alot and give them a roof.

What did the mother do wrong in the story? she kept getting pregnant when the family were at its worst times.
What did the father do wrong? he kept drinking and drinking, and he drank on Eugine's coffin.

Why do you think this family lives under these conditions? i think cause the parents keep getting rejected every time they try to get a job.

What can help this family? If the mother dose not get pregnant again and if the father gets a well payed job.

Do you know families who live in poverty like this anywhere? no

Is the poverty in Ireland worse than in America? Why or Why not? yes because in america we got alot of things like stores and technology, and in ireland their is no such thing as that.

How is the poverty in America different from the Poverty shown in Angela's Ashes? The poverty in america they give poor people food and a roof. And the poverty in ireland is the opposite of that.

What advice would you give to this family? to a well payed job and the mother to get less pregnant

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