Thursday, June 18, 2009

trip to"Lake Compounce"

Angel Gonzalez

For our 7th grade trip we went to Lake Compounce. The location of the trip was in Connecticut. I think that we left at 8:45 or at 9:00. It took 20 to 30 minutes for every one could get on the bus. While i was in the bus waiting for the bus to leave i was listening to music. The trip to the theme park was awesome. What i was doing on the way to the theme park i was watching a movie on my psp, and when the movie was done i started to listen to music. The bus ride was was like 2 hour's. I felt exited to go on the trip to lake compounce because it was my first time going to this theme park.

Once we got to the theme park i started to stretch and directly went to the bathroom. The first ride i went on when i got to the park was a roller coaster called the wild cat. Then we went to wipe out, then to the saw mil, and then we went to the best roller coaster called the zoomerang. The zoomerang to me is the best because it twists and because it goes backwards. Then after that we went to eat. After we ate we went to "THE PIRATE", then we went to the ghost house, then bumping cars, then the last ride we went on was wipe our again

After that ride we left and went back to the school at at 3:45 i think

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