Friday, April 24, 2009

How name calling can effect people?...Ms. Bentley

Angel Gonzalez


Name calling can effect people people because it might cause them to do some stupid. Like an article that my teacher ms. Bentley showed me in class about a kid that hanged himself because they were calling him gay at school. His name was Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover and he went to a school in Springfield. The schools name was Leadership Charter School. Its weired how people can do such stupid things over name calling.

Name calling can also effect people because it can change them. Like the class novel that we are reading right now is called "MONSTER". In the book they call the kid that is 16 years old named Steve Harmon "MONSTER". They called him monster because he killed an owner of a grocery store and took the money and some cigars and know he is in jail. We don't know yet if he would win the trial or not.

I hope people learned a lesson of what i said. Before you call someone a name think how you would hurt them and what you would make them do. For me ill do that if they really really get me mad and if i am not in the mood, but i have learned a lesson.

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