Tuesday, May 5, 2009

monster blog #3...Angel Gonzalez

Angel Gonzalez

monster blog #3

I think that Steve Harmon is innocent because i kind of believe that story that he went to the store and get some mints and since he know james king, james king and bobo said that since he knows steve Harmond then they will blame it on him.  I think that the robbery occured that once steve got out the drug store with his mints and then they took that as a sign that the store is clear then they went in robbed it and killed the man and got out to get some fried chicken.  I think that bobo dose not know steve because when they were in court he said to the lawer that man that was sitting over their then he pointed at steve, instead of calling out his name.  I think that Steve Harmon is friends with Osvaldo and James King because maybe he dose not have more friends on his community than them.

Friends can influence you to do some that you dont want to do by putting peer presure on you.  I think that steve was not influence by his friends because his friends took advantage over him only because they know him.  I have never been in a situation like in the one steve harmon is in right know.  It is very important to choose your friends wisely because if you pick bad friends then they will put peer presure on you to do something that you dont want to do.  I think that miss obrien is disapointed to see that a boy like steve will hang out with people like osvaldo, bobo, and james king.

 I think that steve is being negetevely influenced buy his friends but i still thing that he is innocent.  On my chart steve has nothing in common with his friends.  Steve dose not want to be like James King.

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