Tuesday, May 12, 2009



It was fun using imovie. I had alot of fun doing the imovie project with my friends and letting other people in it. When i showed the video in class yesterday, some of them liked it and some of them did not. The feed back that they gave me was to make the video longer and put more information of the video. I need to put more video's in it make people talk more and make it better than it was before.

The other videos that i saw in class were good because the people who made it explained more what it was about. I dont think that my video is not the best "YET" i think that it was between good and bad. I liked marijo's group video because they explained who was their character which was "James King" and because it was kind of funny. That it is very fun and has very cool effects. if someone ever see's my video, i think not that they will not understand the character osvaldo cruz much because we did not explain that much about him

We have several weeks left to finish our video and i got plenty more cool things to show the viewer's "IT'S A SURPRISE"

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